Featured Artist of the Week: ShadowHill

Jonathan Timmes - Photography<br/>Alessandro Pautasso - Digital Illustration

Jonathan Timmes – Photography Alessandro Pautasso – Digital Illustration


What are your band member’s names?
Lee Randall

How and when did the band start?
I reached an artistic fork in the road after being lead singer/guitarist in some punk and screamy bands. My main criteria for my new songs was if I was flipping around XM radio and heard this, would it stop me dead in my tracks? Over the next several years from about 2010 forward, I went on a kind of songwriter’s visionquest to find my true voice. All of that lead up to recording “Last Resort.”

Where are you located?
Washington, DC.

What genre would you place your music in?
Rock/Pop Rock. Postmodern arena rock? Let’s stick with rock;)

What are your musical and non-musical influences?
At my core I am informed by a pop sensibility – melody and lyricism are paramount. Beach Boys, the Beatles, Nirvana, plus punk like the Ramones, Agent Orange, Dickies, Bad Religion, Offspring, Green Day. There are some artists like Elliott Smith, Weezer, Islands and The Knife that I always return to.
I suppose if you maintain the ‘beginner’s mind’, anything can be a non-musical influence. I’m especially influenced by current events, how I feel when I see the earth being destroyed, and film.

What are your dreams and goals?
I’m aiming for the sun in every way. I’ve been told my music has a cinematic quality, so film/tv placements are on my mind. But on a basic level, I want to make a contribution to song while giving people music that touches them, something they feel is special and resonant to them.

Who writes the songs and what topics do you like to touch on?
So far, I write all the music and words. A lot of my songs are about heartbreak, loss, addiction, love, and what it is to be a human right now today. That’s what I know…For now;) I’ll let you know when I know more lol.

What inspires you to make music?
The belief that it’s my calling and that I have something to say. When you have that kind of belief, there’s a fine line between inspiration and manic compulsion. I’m most inspired by the power of music and the effect it can have on the world.

What do you want your fans or potential fans to know about you?
That I’m being pure and honest with you instead of saying what I think anyone wants to hear. That you’re getting the genuine article with all my music. What else – I don’t eat meat. And I’m obsessed with synthesizers.

Do you have any upcoming events?
Right now I’m working on some super exciting new songs, planning to go back in the studio later this year. I’m also starting to look for band members to play live.

Where can fans buy your music/merch?
Lots going on right now. A little later this summer, the album will be up on iTunes as a Mastered for iTunes download, plus places like Amazon, Spotify, and Bandcamp. A limited edition of some gorgeous CD digipaks with poster inserts will be out as well. For now you can check out tracks at soundcloud.com/shadowhill and follow @shadow_hill.



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