CHVRCHES Vocalist Responds to 4chan Misogynists


Lauren Mayberry, of CHVRCHES, took to Twitter to call out a misogynistic 4chan thread, saying, “Dear anyone who thinks misogyny isn’t real. It is and this is what it looks like.”

The chain refers to Mayberry and select scenes from her band’s recently released music video for “Leave A Trace.” The thread contained several gross and vulgar comments that objectify her.

This isn’t the first time that Lauren Mayberry has spoken out against misogyny against women in the music scene. In 2013 she wrote an op-ed with The Guardian on the abuse she has received since being in the band. She said, “Being part of a band born on the internet means a daily sift through a barrage of sexually explicit abuse, Why are female musicians expected to put up with this?” Earlier this year she responded to online threats she had received saying, “These people never learn that violence against women is unacceptable. But they also never learn that women will not be shamed and silenced and made to disappear. I am not going anywhere. So bring it on, motherfuckers. Let’s see who blinks first.”



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