Featured Artist of the Week: REPS


Photo Credit : Nick DiEgidio


What are your band member’s names?
Colton Bockes (Vocals), Mike Till (Bass), Jordan Foehner (Guitar) & Steve Koch (Drums).

How and when did the band start?
The band started a little over a year ago. Mike and I (Jordan) had been playing in our Alt Rock/Pop-Punk band Storm The Bay for years. Things were starting to wind down with STB and we wanted to embark on a new experience. We recruited former STB drummer and longtime good Steve Koch and we just started cranking out ideas in my dining room. We knew Colt from the early STB days because he and Steve grew up together. I knew he had a great voice but even better, he had the attitude, energy and drive this band required in a front man. It only made sense he’d join.

Where are you located?
Rochester, New York (UPSTATE REPRESENT!)

What genre would you place your music in?
I hate genres in a sense but if I have to pick one, I’d call it Groove Metal with a Hardcore twist.
No one’s used the term “Groove Metal” in years so we’re bringing it back.

What are your musical and non-musical influences?
Oh man…where to begin??? Our musical tastes are just about everywhere. I get down to artists and bands from Justin Timberlake & Bruno Mars to Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice. Off the top of my head I would say Every Time I Die, Rush, Pantera, Poison The Well, Coheed & Cambria & Jimmy Eat World are some of my personal favorites. Bands like The Dangerous Summer, Norma Jean & Rage Against The Machine are huge influences too. We try to incorporate as much as we can into our own music; I feel it helps us stand out a little bit more.

As far as nonmusical influences I’d say the big old thing called Life is one of our bigger inspirations. We talk about what we see and how we feel. The amount of anger we have built up equates to the amount of love we have for our friends and family. It’s a crazy world we live in and we just want to express our point of view through our music.

What are your dreams and goals?
Honestly, we’d love to be able to create and perform music full time…without going absolutely broke in the process. I know I know…we’re reaching for the stars.

Who writes the songs and what topics do you like to touch on?
It’s been a pretty collective effort. Steve is a really great lyricist (Neil Peart Style) and actually wrote some riffs for the EP we released last winter. Colt and I have been tag teaming lyrics as well for the upcoming REPS full length which has been a unique experience. Over all, I’d say it’s a collective effort. Everyone has ideas, some better than others, but we work together to try and make them a somewhat cohesive structure. We tell one another when something sounds great or not so great, no feelings hurt.

The topics we touch upon are a little more on the political side sometimes. I don’t want us to be labeled a “Political” band because we’re not; we’re just musicians who see the world from our little window. This world is so fucking crazy sometimes that it makes me wonder if it’ll even exist for my children or grandchildren to be a part of it.

What inspires you to make music?
Nothing else in this world gives us the freedom and pure satisfaction that creating music does. Mike can install your new Hot Water Heater, Steve analyzes your bodily fluids if you’re sick, Colt will detail your brand new Porche 911 and I can sell you Ad time for a radio station but none of these things really compare to what music does for us.

What do you want your fans or potential fans to know about you?
I’d like them to know we’re 100% ourselves. We don’t wear makeup, we don’t have a gimmick. The clothes we wear when we play are most likely the clothes we woke up from our drunken stupor in. We’re honest and we mean what we say.

Do you have any upcoming events?
We do! This Friday (July 10th) we’re playing Staten Island’s annual Summer Slam with a ton of awesome bands from all over the tristate area. At the end of the month we have a hometown show with our good friends in Such Gold at Bug Jar as well.

Where can fans buy your music/merch?
We’ve been making our own merch for each show we’ve been playing so I guess your best best to grab a shirt or a tank top would be to come to a show! Our EP “Own Your Mind” is available on our bandcamp page for free as well, www.repsroc.bandcamp.com.